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Time for some amusement...with over 100 Flash and Java games to choose from, you're bound to find some that interest you.

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Some info on Tom's main RuneScape characters can be found on the RuneScape Wiki.

The Elder Scrolls RPG (Role Playing Game)

These are just links to screenshots, descriptions and downloads of modifications (mods) you can add to the PC version of Oblivion if you have it.

TES III: Morrowind

Balconyhouse pics
Mod created by LadyMage/Ravensong, modified for Tom's own personal use. Also has one room added from Bouking Manor for the museum room.

TES IV: Oblivion Mods


Screenshots of V4
Darla's personal collection on display
Complete documentation

VWD Chapels

Sample view
Complete documentation
Download mod V1.4, 0.5MB

VWD Extras

Adds about a dozen things that are clearly seen in the distance: bridges, ships, wayshrines, Ayleid ruins and forts. Meant to be loaded after Tamriel VWD 0.5.

Download mod V1.0, 3KB

IC Tower Observatory

Slideshow from top of the tower.
Complete documentation
Download mod V1.2, 7KB

Clear Weather, Dark Nights

Slideshow showing different options.
Complete documentation
Download mod 1KB

Louder Nirnroots

Increases volume and distance of nirnroot sound emitters so you can hear when a nirnroot is nearby. Sound is in stereo so you know which direction to go to find them.

Download mod 1KB