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Currently on this site you can find thousands of jokes and riddles, cartoons, over 100 games you can play within your browser, wildlife field guides including photos and bird calls or animal tracks, and home made videos.

YouTube Video Clips

Tom's channel on YouTube has some wildlife videos uploaded. Also has clips from many other people Tom found interesting linked under "Favorites."

Listings of videos are found on the Videos pages.

Family Blog

For family members, go to the blog and read the FAQ so you can get registered. Once registered as a family member, log in and start reading what's going on in the family, and tell us what's happening with you!

Social Networks


"Linked-in" is a social networking site for professionals. Tom joined in 2008 after being invited by a former co-worker. He found over a dozen people he had met or worked with in the past in just the first couple hours of poking around the site.

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Joined August 19, 2009.

Tom Supergan
Tom Supergan

Instant Messenger

You can send Tom instant messages whenever he is online. Just fill in who you are in place of "Nickname," click the "ok" button, type a message and hit your Enter key.

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